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How to sell more tickets using Social Media

First: Choose the Social Platform Best-Suited to Promote Your Event

If you’re running a concert or festival type of event that’s open to the public, Facebook is likely going to be the best option for getting the word out and attracting ticket buyers. Once you’ve created the event, you can use targeted advertising to promote it to your ideal audience.

Facebook allows you to target your promotions in extremely specific ways. Think carefully about your target audience, rather than promote your event far and wide to people who might not be interested.

Next: Create a Unique Event Hashtag to Make it Easy to Share

A unique hashtag allows your attendees to contribute to the conversation, thereby creating extra buzz around your event. Choose a hashtag that’s short and memorable so influencers and attendees can recall it right away. You should perform a quick search to ensure that your hashtag hasn’t been used before and doesn’t overlap with any other events.

Once you’ve created your hashtag, use it early and often. Include it in your relevant social media posts as soon as you’ve set up the event and sent out invitations. The earlier you use the hashtag, the more time your audience has to engage with it.

Third: Build Anticipation With Pre-Concert Content

Content should be a major part of your event promotion tactics. It helps you engage different audiences and give them resources to share with their own followers. Once you’ve created your unique hashtag, you can get started with a range of content types.

For concerts, the easiest things to do are:

  • Facebook Posts
  • Emails to current and previous ticket buyers and customers
  • Radio Spots
  • Tweets

Make sure to include pictures and even videos of the venue or previous events if you have them. Another great way to build a little hype is to change your Facebook banner to highlight the event so that it’s easy to see.

Lastly: Sustain the Momentum With Post-Concert Posts7

After the event, you can use your social media channels to remind attendees of what a great time they had and ask them to share it with their friends. This helps to keep your venue top of mind and encourage people to come to your next event.

Follow up with your attendees and thank them for coming along.

Next, use the pictures and videos you got from the event itself to create new content. If you took photos or made videos, upload them to your social media channels and share them with your followers.