International Buyers

In order to purchase tickets if you do not reside in the United States, your internet browser must be set to show currency in US Dollars or you won’t be able to check out.


  • Chrome Users:
    • In your browser settings, click the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the browser and select Settings from the menu.
    • On the left hand side, click Advanced, then Languages.
    • Click Add Languages.
    • Select English (United States) from the menu and click add.
    • Move that language to the top of your list of languages by clicking the three dots to the right of that language and select Move to Top.
    • You may have to close and restart the browser.
  • Firefox Users:
    • Click the menu in the upper right hand of the browser and select Settings.
    • Type Language in the Search Bar.
    • Click the drop down menu that shows your current language and select Search for more languages.
    • Select English (US).
    • Click Set Alternatives… button.
    • You may have to click the Choose… button and select English (US) again.
    • You may need to restart your browser.
    • You may have to do this twice in order to make the change.

If all else fails, you can send an email to and include the email address which you used when you purchased tickets. We’ll take care of you as quickly as possible!